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Fethiye in Turkey is a treasure of the Turkish coast. You will most definitely receive warm welcomes in Fethiye. The town, on the turquoise coast of Turkey has grown from a modest trading port / fishing village and fertile tomato growing area to a rapidly expanding vibrant town and tourist holiday destination which offers many things to many people, from those with an interest in history and nature to those looking for sun, sea and great food. 

Four kms of shingle and sand reach from east to west ending in a sand bar. From the main beach you can swim out just a few meters to survey the surrounding hills and watch the gliders dropping down to land. You can hire a canoe to paddle out watching the sea-bed. 

Calis is actually part of Fethiye, who's centre lies to the south side of Fethiye bay, while Calis sits on the east side. Fethiye is an excellent place to visit - there are plenty of reasons - the narrow lanes of the Paspatur (known as the "old town") with it's restaurants, bars and souvenier and gold shops, but actually getting there can be a lovely experience on the Calis water taxis that leave the canal just behind the seafront.

Described by some as a ghost-town, this once-lively Greek settlement perched on a hill now consists of almost five hundred decaying houses along with the forlorn remains of two derelict churches, mostly dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.